In a concerted effort to promote private investment in broadband infrastructure, The City of Rushville and the Rush County Economic & Community Development Corporation completed all steps required to apply for the Broadband Ready Community certification. Application was made to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and its Broadband Ready Communities Development Center.

The City of Rushville has been notified that it is the first of Indiana’s 119 cities to be certified as a Broadband Ready Community (BRC). “Having this certification sends a signal to the telecommunication industry that our community has taken steps to reduce barriers to broadband infrastructure investment”, said John McCane, ECDC Executive Director. “We have been meeting with our partners at NineStar Connect to move this process forward; they of course are extremely supportive, and have been a partner with Rushville and Rush County for several years.

“We are excited to have earned this designation”, said Mayor Mike Pavey. “Our City Council passed an ordinance at its last meeting that outlines the City’s process for dealing with construction or deployment of wireline or wireless communications facilities to provide communications services. We are establishing a procedure to review applications and issue permits for new projects. Reducing the regulatory hurdles that deter investment is a key step towards creating an environment ripe for broadband investment. This certification says that yes, Rushville absolutely is ready for new investments and expanded broadband development.”

“NineStar Connect is excited that Rushville is the state’s first city to be designated ‘Broadband Ready Community.’ We have been working in partnership with the City of Rushville over the past several years in bringing the latest in fiber optic connectivity to the businesses and organizations in and around Rushville to ensure that Rushville’s professional community has the best connectivity available anywhere,” stated Michael R. Burrow, CEO of NineStar Connect.

The Indiana General Assembly passed a bill earlier this year establishing the Broadband Ready Communities Development Center. The new law sets guidelines for how the center can declare a community “broadband ready” after it creates application review and permitting procedures for communications projects.

Indiana Secretary of Commerce Victor Smith says providing businesses with in-demand amenities is “the essence of the Regional Cities Initiative.” He says earning the Broadband Ready Community certification sends a positive message from Rushville to broadband providers.