Hometown Collaboration Initiative Focusing On Economy

Posted: Friday, August 21, 2015 7:00 am

Last week, the Hometown Collaboration Initiative team met to kick off the building block they chose, economy.

The team welcomed five new members to the group as well as Bo Beaulieu and Michael Wilcox, both with the Purdue Center for Regional Development and the Purdue Extension Community Development Program. Beaulieu and Wilcox led the group, examining their data and public input from the community forum and survey in the light of entrepreneurship and business retention and expansion. The highlight of the meeting was an activity which had the team map the assets or resources available to support their efforts in building the economy by the seven different community capitals.

Along with the new members, a crew came to film the Rushville team. The filming was done as a project to show small communities working on projects to benefit their community.

The building block phase will last four to six months, depending on specific block chosen. Through this process, the team will learn about how to help their community grow. Next will be the capstone phase followed by pathfinder implementation.

The team will lay out a plan with their coach Tamara Ogle, Beaulieu and Wilcox for the next few sessions. Next week, they will be exploring the different program and project options available in the economy building block and how they can contribute in the team.

Rush County is poised to use the HCI program to better its community for all who work, live and play here. Rush County looks forward to using HCI as a way to deepen public engagement and foster communication across community organizations.

Some information provided from http://indianahci.org/

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