ECDC and Chamber of Commerce Sponsoring High School Job Fair

“We wanted to be sure the students who were graduating knew about all the services available to them to help with finding and keeping a job”, said Sandy Fussner, Executive Director of the Chamber. “WorkOne has an amazing array of things to offer, from their job matching program to free training to help with paying educational costs. Some you do have to qualify for; others are accessible to anyone”.

Getting information out was one reason the ECDC and Chamber decided to hold this event. Another was the need businesses have to fill open jobs.  During the BOSS (Better Opportunities for Successful Students) presentations, they learned there were many local opportunities.  What better way to match the students to those opportunities than to have a job fair at the high school, scheduled for the end of the school day? It will be held Wednesday, May 11th, in the high school cafeteria, from 2:45 to 5:00 p.m.

Companies who will be there include: First Call for Emerson Copeland, Flat Rock Lodge, INTAT, Manufacturing Matters, Millers Merry Manor, Rush Shelby Energy, Trane, Wells Fargo, and WorkOne.

“Parents of these juniors and seniors need to know this is going on, so they can encourage their young person to attend.  Even if they are not currently looking for a job, students will learn a lot about the local businesses and the opportunities they present”, said Carolyn Bunzendahl, Client Services Manager of the ECDC. “Just knowing about the training programs for which they may be eligible is valuable information. Representatives from the Manufacturing Matters training program will be talking about the Manufacturing Matters Academy. This five week instructor led, condensed training program teaches safety, quality and measurement, manufacturing processes and maintenance awareness in preparation to become a Certified Production Technician (CPT).  For those who qualify, it’s paid for – a value of $3,150!  And there’s an immediate pay-off for completing – $400 – and an additional $100 once you take a manufacturing job in the area”.

For more information, you can call the ECDC at 938-3232