Property Search

Rush County offers many outstanding sites for your business, all with fast access to highways and plenty of utility capacity to power your needs.

One of our best locations is the Commerce Park at Rushville, located at the intersection of State Road 3 and County Road 200 North. It’s certified prime under Indiana’s Shovel-Ready program, meaning that we’ve already completed most of the preliminary site work, and businesses locating there will benefit from an expedited approval process. In other words, you’ll be able to go from concept to operation in less time and for less money.

Commerce Park at Rushville already has extensive infrastructure, with abundant water, sewer, and gas — as well as fiber capacity to accommodate companies that depend on information. We’ll consider any build-to-suit relationship, even dividing the Park according to your needs, so you’re assured of getting exactly the facility you want.

Contact Rush County ECDC for a customized and detailed property search.